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In addition to private coaching, James also conducts workshops for groups of actors, schools, businesses and other organizations. James uses his experience as a student, a business professional and a teacher to create exciting, creative and fulfilling workshops specific to each group's unique needs.



Drawing from his extensive training and experience in performance skills, James' workshops offer a rich learning experience for students and actors of all levels of experience. Tailoring his program for each group of students and their individual needs, James will ensure every student walks away with an enhanced sense of self-confidence and a valuable set of performance skills - all in a safe, creative and FUN environment. 




With a Bachelor Degree in Business, James understands the demands of the corporate world and how performance skills can aid employees in their every day functionality and productivity. From self-confidence and presentation skills to voice production and posture, James applies his vast knowledge of performance principles to aid clients in both their personal and professional development. Especially over zoom and in the context of our every changing landscape.



Having trained with some of the world's best teachers, James understands how to tap into his student's talent and creativity, providing young people with the encouragement and support they need to grow as people and as performers. James is able to share this extensive knowledge with school teachers and other education professionals, from the practical skills to be passed onto students to creating a safe environment for children to explore their creativity. Teachers will walk away with a set of skills they can immediately apply to their own classes, as well as ways of managing the demands of being a classroom teacher. Incorporating a range of topics and tailored to each group specifically, James' workshops for teachers will not only benefit those who work in education but also their respective students for many years to come.


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